Winter Blues
By Resna Marie Brunson, MSC

There are the same amount of days in each season but for some reason winter feels longer. We seem to run out of time in spring, summer, and fall- longing for more warm days, pretty flowers, and pumpkin smells but winter seems to be never ending. For many of us, we leave and return home in the dark and depending on our jobs we rarely see sunlight. Some have medical conditions  that discourage exposure to cold weather. This may cause them to feel trapped and claustrophobic in their home while they wait for the first bud of spring. For many reasons, it can be hard to see purpose and experience joy in this season. The holiday festivities have ended leaving us with little to look forward to before the first day of spring. How can I feel more hopeful in the winter? I would like to suggest a few ways to help shake off the winter blues. 

Plan a winter activity. Many spend the winter months planning for spring and summer vacations. We want to be sure to get the best price for the beach front home. Is there a rule prohibiting you from enjoying the ocean, sunrise, or sunset  in the winter?  What prevents you from planning a winter getaway to the beach?

Embracing the beauty of mother nature’s palate while taking a winter stroll can be rejuvenating. Our senses can enjoy looking at the bare trees, taking in the scents of winter flowers, and feeling the tingling of the brisk air. 

Be intentional about connecting with others. The winter months can be isolating. In a previous post, It Is Not Good For Man To Be Alone, I emphasized the importance of staying connected to our communities. We want to be sure we are engaging with others. We could also be a comfort to those who are not able to leave their home. 

A season to reflect. The Bible tells us there is a time and purpose for everything…“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) With colder temperatures and shorter days it may be a good opportunity for us to spend time at home processing  and reflecting. This could be a time to have moments of being still and fully connected with what is (and maybe has been going on inside us).

Some of us may feel secluded in the winter months and it may be too uncomfortable to sit alone with our thoughts. Having someone to filter through the winter blues can be helpful. Ready to take the next step?


Resna Marie Brunson, MSC

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