To Every Thing There Is A Season…
By Resna Marie Brunson, MSC

I love living in an area where I can experience all each season offers. Although summer may be scorching hot, fall is unpredictable, winter days are dark and cold followed by rainy days in spring; there is something appealing about fun summer days, chilly fall evenings, the first winter snow, and first bud of spring. If we look
carefully we can see something extraordinary in each individual season. The familiar Bible verse, Ecclesiastes 3:1 reminds us “ to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” We tend to welcome the “thing” we enjoy and wish away the “thing” that is unpleasant. We do not want to accept the “bad along with the good.” However each season’s beginning can be a time of reflection with thanksgiving and anticipation with joy.

Reflecting . As 2023 came to a close I took a moment to reflect on each month. While reminiscing I was able to see the good in both the highs and the lows. There were also moments when I mimicked the late great gospel singer Mahalia Jackson and questioned “how I got over… my soul looks back and wonders how I got over. “ Despite the monthly trials,I often experienced thanksgiving at the summit of each mountain I had to climb.
Anticipating. Although the unknowns ahead may cause fear and hesitation, past thoughts of our achievements can help us not to run away. We are reminded of how we endured through challenges so we can have hope. We anticipate joy even if we are not fully experiencing it in the present. We take comfort in knowing somehow “we will get over.”

Although we know this intellectually, I am the first to admit this is easier said than done. Some may say: “you don’t know what I have experienced, what I am going through, what I will be facing.” “The odds are stacked against me… I “will NOT make it over.”
The ferris wheel of life can be exhausting. . One moment/day/month we are at the very top enjoying the skyline view and the next moment/day/month we are below with only the ground underneath. Having a space to explore ways to endure the ride may be helpful.
Ready to take the next step?

Resna Marie Brunson, MSC

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