Touch Down
By Resna Marie Brunson, MSC

Falling leaves, squirrels gathering nuts, and geese migrating not only announce the beginning of autumn but also football season. Fans have been anxiously waiting to cheer on their favorite high school, college, or national league team. It may be difficult for those, like myself, who do not understand the details of football to become overly enthusiastic. However, the similarities in this sport to everyday life experiences can be understood even by a novice like myself. Let’s explore a few. 

Live in the moment-one day at a day. No matter how  exciting the win or disappointing the loss, athletes understand  the importance of being present and totally focused on staying in the moment. They do not bring the past celebration or defeat into the present game. 

Keep your end goal in sight. Whether you are a defensive or offensive player, the goal is to get the ball to the end of the field. There are numerous obstacles ( tackles, time outs, penalties, interceptions) however the players never lose sight of the end goal. 

Make good use of each minute/moment. No matter how many minutes or even seconds are left in the game the players continue to “huddle” and discuss strategies. Although disgruntled fans may leave the stadium when it appears as though their team will lose the game, walking off the field is not a player’s option. 

Celebrate success and defeat.   It is good to both  acknowledge victory and reflect on ways to improve. Even when a team is victorious in a game they will still spend time examining ways in which they can be even better in the next. They see defeat as an opportunity instead of failure. 

There are times we miss the blessings of today because our focus is on yesterday. Some of us have become distracted and lost sight of our end goal. We may not be making the best use of our moments and find it difficult to celebrate “little successes” because we are haunted by past defeats. The thought of experiencing a “touch down” in life seems impossible. Having someone to help you process and  to offer support while you move toward the  end zone may be helpful.

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Resna Marie Brunson, MSC

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