Happy Birthday
By Resna Marie Brunson, MSC

I had the privilege of attending a 100th Birthday Celebration. It was an amazing event. Family and friends from all over the globe were present to pay homage to this matriarch. What stood out the most was the importance of seizing the moment. We often hear the phrase “tomorrow is not promised.” This auspicious event demonstrated the urgency to give honor, tribute, and love today. Many are comfortable exalting others but feel awkward seeing themselves worthy of the same attributes.

It is often said we are our own worst enemy. How can we begin to see all our days/moments as “an event worth celebrating.”

We must accept and embrace our individuality. The Bible tells us we are uniquely made. There are no two people who are exactly alike. As a second grade teacher, I taught a few children who were identical twins. Even with their shared DNA there were distinct noticeable differences between them. We each have gifts/talents/abilities. Although they may be similar to each other, they are expressed differently. When we acknowledge our self worth and value, it is easier to see ourselves worthy to be celebrated.

Create your own yard sign. Yard signs became more popular during the pandemic. We were not having public celebrations but we wanted to invite others to share in our events. Birthdays, graduations, baby announcements, engagements, and weddings, were proudly announced on our yard sign for all those who passed by our homes. What would be displayed on your yard sign? What are the distinct attributes that set you apart from others? What helps you see your glass half full as opposed to half empty?

Move forward into deep water. Sometimes we need to take risks and move into uncomfortable situations to discover new things about ourselves. People who enjoy fishing will attest that the best fish are found in deep water. Many of us like to wade in the shallow water where we can see our feet and feel as if we have a sense of control. However, there are many feelings/thoughts/behaviors that are uncovered only after we take a leap of faith and move into deeper water.

There may be days when we look at our reflection in the mirror and can not imagine why we should celebrate ourselves because our inadequacies, mistakes, and flaws reflect back on us. There may be days and weeks we feel hopeless, our yard sign is more discouraging and there is no incentive to move forward and explore deep water. There may be days when our individuality feels more arbitrary than distinct. Having someone to help process through these thoughts can be helpful.

Ready to take the next step?


Resna Marie Brunson, MSC

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